YouTube Video

Hi everyone. You can watch me now on YouTube. I’ve posted my first video singing two songs. More are to follow. Search, Adrian Spink and you will find me. Adrian.

Going out as Christ sends us. Luke 9 v 1-9

Reading this passage got me thinking of what does it mean for me and Christ’s followers in where we are right now. To me the story is quite straight forward and precise. No messing about, no frills. Firstly, Jesus calls His disciples, as He calls us corporately or individually for His works for us. Then […]


Greetings everyone. Got some great news. My CD The Pulpit has been released! All is complete and ready to purchase, though not on line just now, but that will be sorted out soon. It’s been a long road to get this far and I can’t believe it’s happened, but seeing the goods in front of […]


Changes in your life can be sometimes a bit disconcerting. You know what you must do, and you know what the end result should be, but the time and process taking you there is not always straight forward. If you’re anything like me, organising things might be hard work. I’m not the best of organisers […]

Hello there!

Thank you for logging in to my website. I’m Adrian as you’ve gathered. All is nearly complete for going out with the Gospel to proclaim God’s message of salvation in Jesus Christ His Son. Evangelism is my burden and my desire and have been writing songs now for a while and believe God in leading […]

The Angels Are Watching

Taken from Luke’s gospel, chapter 15 v 7. It tells the Gospel story that all are lost “Bad news first” v2, that Jesus died for us “Here’s good news”v3, and that there’s nothing we can do but trust in what Christ has done to save us” Rest assured”v4 When someone becomes a Christian, ie: repents and […]

The Pulpit

I love this song and can’t believe I wrote it. The tune came out of nowhere while I was playing my guitar and I thought it was very good but words left me, so the lyrics were, la, la, la, etc. After a few days, the word “pulpit” came into my head and I remembered […]

In My Town. (Hidden Track)

You’ll find this song on the last track of the album no.8, but you will have to wait a bit. It’s just a demo for a song I might put on a future CD. The song is about the city where I live, Bradford. I’m not native to Bradford, but have lived here for nearly […]

To The Jew First

This is an account of Christ coming to earth, having left His throne in Heaven, living amongst His own people (the Jews), “seeing their smiles and touching their tears”, sharing, and knowing their struggles and fears, and yet being without the sin that separates them from God. But not only the Jews, but everyone else (the […]

Fool’s Gold

Proverbs 14 v 12 says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but it’s end is the way of death”. (NKJV). We may try to find fulfilment in what we achieve, own or do. but it doesn’t do anything for our eternity. We need peace and forgiveness with God through Jesus Christ (Romans […]