Out Of This World

This is a testimony of mine. Of God’s workings in my life from saving me, and changing me. It is a look with hindsight at God’s grace everyday and me responding with, “How can I thank you my God?”

The Point Of It All.

This song, the first song on the album, asks the question¬†¬†about life after death. If this is all there is, no hope for afterwards, well what’s the meaning of life? What’s it all about? If there’s no eternity with God, no ultimate justice with Him, then all this life has to offer is misery with […]

Take Up Your Cross

This song is about a Christian whom the Holy Spirit has shown that his or her life is not as it should be. A stark word but one to encourage to be all or nothing for Jesus! I got this song after reading a book review.

I Never Knew

A testimony song of God moving in my life. Of getting to know His character, from becoming a Christian, up to now and onwards.