About The Songs

You can buy some of these songs on my CD, “The Pulpit”, available in the shop.


The Angels Are Watching

Taken from Luke’s gospel, chapter 15 v 7. It tells the Gospel story that all […]

The Pulpit

I love this song and can’t believe I wrote it. The tune came out of […]

In My Town. (Hidden Track)

You’ll find this song on the last track of the album no.8, but you will […]

To The Jew First

This is an account of Christ coming to earth, having left His throne in Heaven, […]

Fool’s Gold

Proverbs 14 v 12 says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, […]

Out Of This World

This is a testimony of mine. Of God’s workings in my life from saving me, […]

The Point Of It All.

This song, the first song on the album, asks the question¬†¬†about life after death. If […]

Take Up Your Cross

This song is about a Christian whom the Holy Spirit has shown that his or […]

I Never Knew

A testimony song of God moving in my life. Of getting to know His character, […]