Changes in your life can be sometimes a bit disconcerting. You know what you must do, and you know what the end result should be, but the time and process taking you there is not always straight forward. If you’re anything like me, organising things might be hard work. I’m not the best of organisers and at times I seem to be running blind or at least a little blinkered, which means I get things done a bit too slow. Changes are what’s happening to me right now. Changes I have wanted to happen for a long time but now they’re coming I’m a little scared. Let me mention someone who these changes are about and for. Namely God! It is He who is making these changes happen. It is He who has laid on my heart for a long, long, time to use the gift He has given me of writing songs of spreading the Gospel and about the Christian life. Mt. 10 v 32,33 is my inspired calling to evangelize. And now the time has come, I am having to trust Him afresh in these strange days. Trusting Him to do it, and certainly not myself. I’m not wanting to sound negative, but I am exited about what I’m stepping out to do. I must keep my eyes on the road ahead, but most importantly on Jesus my Lord.

For the last 41 years, I’ve been in the building trade. I’m a bricklayer by trade and for the last 24 years I’ve been my own boss doing general work on people’s homes. God has kept me in those years and through difficult times, both¬†financially and personally, smooth paths and roller-coasters. I can relate to Jesus building trade wise as He was a carpenter. I can imagine Him tired at the end of His day’s work, maybe cutting His fingers, ( my expertise ). Also the word used to translate as carpenter, can also be used as “stone mason”. So Jesus could well have been a “bricklayer”. So He has shared my trade as well as my temptations! Then the time came for Him, a time of “change” to do what He always wanted to do. Win Salvation for mankind. Salvation is man’s sole need. So with that on my heart, like Christ, I’m stepping out to tell all who would listen, and even those who don’t want to listen of what Jesus Christ has done for them. May the Holy Spirit move upon hearers ears, minds and hearts, for without His works, no one will “come”. It is not about me.

If anyone reading this does not know God’s forgiveness in Christ, have had the sin in us that keeps us from Him,¬†“washed away”, I pray you will come to know peace with God through Jesus Christ (Romans 5 v 1).

Thank you. Adrian