Going out as Christ sends us. Luke 9 v 1-9

Reading this passage got me thinking of what does it mean for me and Christ’s followers in where we are right now. To me the story is quite straight forward and precise. No messing about, no frills. Firstly, Jesus calls His disciples, as He calls us corporately or individually for His works for us. Then He gave them power and authority spiritually. Not to do wonderful miracles only, but to preach , to tell people about Christ the messiah. V1. Then He sent them out in His authority. He sends us out in the same way today also. Are we in obedience to His “calling” and “sending”?
Jesus didn’t just send them out, He showed them how, and He shows us how. V3. Basically, He strips the disciples of any self in themselves. No reliance on anything other than Himself. Resources, though nothing wrong in themselves, can be an hindrance, something we think we must have in order to do something. This may be so, but our reliance is to be on our Lord, not us. Jesus told His men how to be and how to react in what situation they find themselves in. V 4,5. They found, and we, will find that sharing our faith will have both positive and negative responses. This echoes 2 Corinthians 2; v 15,16. Lest we forget.
So they went preaching and healings followed, in that order V6. When we go in obedience God is at work on the lives and souls of the lost. Not because we have gone, but because He calls us to share in the work of salvation. It is His power that brings someone to faith not ours. We are simply to go for He has called and sent us.
While they were at their “calling” things were happening though they were unawares. V 7-9. We may not know the results of our endeavours, but the “news” we spread will have it’s impact. Good or bad. Rest assured, we labour not in vain. Let us “go” because we are “sent” whether we like it or not.